Blog, Business and Board Certified – part 2

Teachers pay Teachers. A treasure trove of more than 40,000 “freebies”. Another 90,000 teaching resources priced under $3.00.  800,000 teachers sharing their ideas. One very special teacher from Georgia making national news when she reached the amazing milestone of a cool $1 million in sales. Since that day in June when Pinterest led to my enlightenment, I have been learning more about blogging along with the ins and outs of TpT.

June was also my first experience with TEST ANXIETY! As part of the National Board certification process, I took 6 tests all related to literacy, all essay questions, 3 hours straight. I panicked when my computer froze midway through the tests. What if everything I had done up to that point was lost? How would I ever recreate my answers? Now I knew how kids must feel when confronted with those annual high stakes tests. It took five months to get the results from the tests and the portfolio (submitted way back In March)... WHEW, I PASSED and am now an NBCT! This journey was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done in my career... I highly recommend it to anyone who has been teaching for at least five years!

And now I try my hand at my new business... sharing more than 20 years of teaching experience! If you are looking for an idea to help kids become better writers, my first FREEBIE might be something for you! Check out “The Writing Folder”!And If parent-teacher conferences stress you out, my 32-page packet called the “ABCs of Conferences” provides lots of resource for making them a positive and productive experience!

Happy learning and teaching!

Blog, Business and Board Certified!

I've always liked alliteration (if you like it too you will love the book "Double Trouble in Walla Walla" by Andrew Clements, one of my favorites!). This month the "Bs" have it! I am officially launching both my new blog and a new business! If that weren't exciting enough, I also became a National Board Certified teacher about a week ago. If you are a teacher and you are reading this, WELCOME to my blog! I hope to become your friend and learning partner out here in the blogosphere! 

If you have already heard about Teachers pay Teachers, you can skip this paragraph (other than to please be sure to visit my TpT store; Rome's Readers!). If you have never heard of TpT or perhaps only checked it out briefly, please keep reading! Last June I finally had time to find out what all the fuss about Pinterest was. Up until that point if you had asked me about it, I would have simply said "It's 'interest' with a "P". Little did I know that my approach to teaching and my career would soon undergo dramatic changes, all because of the Pinterest pinning bug! Chances are, you, like me, have discovered all the cool things people are spending so much time “pinning”. If you have followed the links to all of those very cool teacher ideas, you most likely ended up at someone’s blog (maybe this is even how you found Rome’s Readers?!). I did not know that there are even teacher blogging conventions in Vegas, did you? I’ve always believed teachers really do know how to have the most fun!

Pinterest introduced me to a network of teacher blogs which led me to Teachers pay Teachers. To say TpT is incredible is a huge understatement! 

Stop back tomorrow for more on my "Blog, Business and Board Certified" post! I will share insights about this phenomena called TpT as well as a bit about my journey to become an NBCT!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to tell your teacher friends about!