An EPIC Summer


extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope (


Expanding Opportunities & Learning

Providing Resources & Support

Inspiring Passion & Purpose

Collaborating with Community & Families

 51 kids + 5 adults + themes + learning activities + field trips + special guests + food + incentives = SUCCESS

 Spending some of my summer with a group of EPIC kids was a lot of work but oh, so worth it! The  five sessions per week, one week each month during the summer, were busy, fun, hot, exciting and most of all, rewarding.

 Getting parents and kids on board was made easier by promises of a consistent and capable crew who would help kids explore clubs, make friends and enjoy summer learning.

 Highlights of the EPIC Summer Program included swimming, learning with legos, cooking, a Veterinarian visit, a cattle auction field trip, reading, math games, Valley Fair, kickball and so much more!

 As one profound young man put it “I’m glad my mom made me come to EPIC... if I wouldn’t have come I would have been bored. If you don’t keep learning, you will be dumber than a rock”!

 And now, the EPIC continues on what we call “Amazing Mondays”. As a four-day week school, our district designates some of our Mondays as extra learning opportunities for kids in Targeted Service, Community Education and Gifted and Talented.

I’m looking forward to a year that extends beyond the usual!