Pudding + Poetry = Palatable Poems!

I love thinking of fun and creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month! Looking for a guaranteed winner? Pair some poetry with something palatable!

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Check out the video below to see how far a little container of pudding can go as two of my boys chuckle over some funny poems!

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Vocabulary Parade is a SUCCESS!

The finale for our I LOVE TO READ MONTH and celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday was a VOCABULARY PARADE inspired by the terrific book "Miss Alaineous" by Debra Frasier. Our entire elementary joined in on this exciting event! We recognized lots of WORD WIZARDS with certificates and trophies. Check out the photos of some very clever vocab parade ideas! You can download an awesome Vocabulary Parade "How to" packet from Ms. Frasier's website by clicking on this link: 



Vocab Parade featured in local paper!

Vocab Parade featured in local paper!